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MotorwayBuddy helps truck drivers, truck stops and haulage companies operate safely and more efficiently through mobile technology.

Supporting logistics by utilising mobile technology.

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Drivers use our app to locate the nearest place to stop overnight, getting a complete real-time view of key information such as price, spaces available and other facilities, as well as ratings from other drivers. The app also enables drivers to pay for their stay with their mobile - eliminating out-of-pocket expenses.

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Our system enables real-time incident reporting (vehicle, load damage) straight from a driver’s mobile, alongside digital driver checklists that automatically upload to audit compliance. MotorwayBuddy also simplifies driver expenses, enabling digital transactions for truck stops, truck washes and weighbridges.

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Our app opens a brand new marketing platform, exposing their stop to over 40,000 truck drivers across Europe who use the app to make decisions about where to stay. The system gives stop managers the ability to target drivers with offers, reply to feedback and maintain an up to date profile of their facilities.

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Transport Insurance

Helping keep your business on the road

Technical Solutions

Daily Checks, Load Reporting, Crime Reporting

Daily Checks

The daily checks is a legal requirement. Motorwaybuddy Technical Solutions provides a comprehensive daily check-list with defect reporting for drivers which can be completed from the driver’s handset, then sent to the haulage company web portal. If necessary this can then be downloaded, printed and sent to a workshop should any work need completing

Load Reporting

With load security being something that we must all adhere to, and with the authorities maintaining a very high standard ensuring safe working practices are being observed, making sure you embark on your daily duties with everything secure is essential. Built into Motorwaybuddy is a function that enables you or your drivers to take a few pictures before departure that displays every available precaution was taken before setting off.

Crime Reporting

Should your driver be parked in either a lay-by or a secure truck stop and suffer malicious damage to either them, their vehicle or the load, the Motorwaybuddy app gives them the ability to capture 3 pictures of the incident that has occurred. The location of where the incident happened, the time when the incident was first discovered and a description of what has happened can also be added.

Border Checks

Now, more than ever, border checks are an important responsibility for fleet operators. MotorwayBuddy Technical Solutions provides users with the capability to complete checklists and attach photos to show that all precautions for border security and prevention of clandestine entry were taken by the driver.

Accident Reporting

Should accidental damage occur to the vehicle or its load, photographs and a report can be submitted immediately to the MotorwayBuddy web portal. This report includes: the location of where the incident happened, the time when the incident was first discovered and a description of what has happened.

This information can then be passed on to insurance companies if required, showing clearly how the damage occurred.

MotorwayBuddy Technical Solutions

Streamline on the road transactions with BuddyPay

BuddyPay is a secure online payment system developed specifically for the haulage industry.

It uses widely adopted mobile technology to consolidate and standardise back office and payment processes for a wide range of on-the-road requirements including parking and truck washing.

The secure system is approved by the Financial Conduct Authority and processes tens of thousands of paperless payments at haulage facilities across Europe.

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Locate truck stops, truck washes & fuel stations


Address details and directions


Live traffic alerts

Daily Checks

Complete daily & border checks

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Crime & load reporting


Read and write reviews


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Truck stop prices & availability


Cashless payment with BuddyPay

The Motorwaybuddy App is a great way to discover and locate sites
across the UK including SNAP Account truckstops and truckwash sites